Spam Your Breakfast


Looking for the ultimate breakfast meat? Give Spam a try.  While Spam is a mainstay in Hawaii, it’s gradually making its way to the mainland as part of the morning meal.


Taste on Ellis in San Francisco serves a take on Hawaii’s hangover breakfast loco moco with a Spam-burger patty over rice with a fried egg and brown gravy.


At Maharlika in New York City, order the eggs Benigno, a Filipino-style Benedict made with a soft pandesal bun topped with crispy Spam and poached eggs, then smothered in a calamansi-lime Hollandaise sauce.


Seattle’s Trace makes their Spam from scratch, grinding seasoned pork butt and fat with salt, onion powder, garlic powder and sugar, then cooking it slowly in a terrine mold. It’s the perfect choice for their breakfast sandwich with arugula, Tillamook cheddar and a fried egg on a garlic aioli-smeared baguette.


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