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Hong Shao Rou

Craveable, comforting Hong Shao Rou, “red braised pork,” is a classic Shanghai-style pork belly dish made with light and dark soy sauce, rice wine, sugar, star anise, cinnamon and bay leaves. Celebrated as Chairman Mao’s favorite dish, official guidelines were issued in 2010 with instructions on how to cook it authentically. Paired with white rice, a soy-marinated hard-boiled egg and blanched greens, it always delivers what the people want.

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Croque Madame

Say yes to breakfast inspiration with the Croque Madame – an indulgent twist on the classic French croque monsieur. Built with savory layers of premium ham and velvety mornay sauce, topped with Gruyere and baked, the sandwich gets its name from its fried egg crown which was said to resemble an old-fashioned ladies’ chapeau, or hat. Paired with a simple, fresh green salad, our Croque Madame is the craveable way to do breakfast all day. Oui and merci!

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Meet the menu multitasker. Authentic Japanese Tonkatsu – panko-breaded fried pork cutlet – is a simple dish that delivers crispy, juicy flavor. Invented in Tokyo in 1899, it’s traditionally served with shredded cabbage, sticky rice and katsu sauce – but it’s also perfect across dayparts and segments, from fine dining entrées and family-casual brunches to QSR ready-to-eat sandwiches. A delicious mash-up of crispy fried food and global flavor trends, Tonkatsu is definitely the MVP.

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Smoked Ribeye Pork Chop

Here’s a hot tip: smokehouse flavor is big on menus, and this Ribeye Pork Chop delivers in a sophisticated way. Traditionally linked with old-world Eastern European cuisine, smoked pork delivers unctuous, smoky, salty flavor – perfect with fresh spring pea and watermelon radish salad and freekah pilaf. And this smoked Ribeye is simple to prepare and serve – just sear to brown and warm through – making it a win-win for back- and front-of-house. Now that’s how to bring the smoke.

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