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Volume 38: On the Street

From food stalls and pods to independent trucks, America’s street food scene is turning to pork to deliver more authenticity and amazing flavor.

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Volume 37: Latin Sandwiches on the Rise

It’s no secret – Americans love a good sandwich. Now they’re going global to find their next favorite. From the classic Cuban to the Argentinian Choripán, Latin sandwiches are making menus across the country.

Volume 36: A Taste of Pork Summit 2014

A recap of the 4th annual Pork Summit held at the Culinary Institute of America’s Greystone campus in St. Helena, CA.

Volume 35: A Contemporary Look at the Classics

It's a modern renaissance. Imaginative operators are reinterpreting the classics with pork and fresh, seasonal ingredients. Learn how pork brings a contemporary perspective to menus.

Volume 34: Pork & Noodles

Think you know noodles? Think again - these comforting classics are reappearing on menus.

December 2013: Best of 2013

The 400's Best of 2013

November 2013: A Taste of Nantucket: Pork Crawl

On a sunny October day, nine foodservice editors arrived in Nantucket to discover creative new ways to serve pork from some of the island’s most renowned chefs.

October 2013: Ham: Original Artisan Flavor

Italian-made meats have dominated restaurant salumi platters in recent years; however, chefs today are turning to cured meats made in-house or by domestic, artisan producers – the most notable cut being ham. Whether European-style (cured and dry-aged), country-style (dry-cured and smoked) or city-style (wet-cured and smoked), American hams have taken over platters, small plates and entrees as the new “it” charcuterie.

September 2013: A Taste For Sausage

On the heels of the housemade charcuterie trend that swept restaurants nationwide, fresh sausage has found its stage presence as a center of the plate specialty, with or without the traditional bun. Even at quick-serve restaurants, sausage has outpaced other pork dishes like ribs, and it’s moved beyond just the breakfast daypart, according to foodservice research firm Technomic.

August 2013: Entrées: Too Good Not to Share

Small plates are still going strong after several years, and now these sharable dishes are getting even bigger – literally. Dining is a shared experience, and chefs are capitalizing on the desire for community experiences by creating shareable entrées. From a whole pork roast to a simple porterhouse chop for two, patrons are sharing the flavor. For chefs, shareable entrées create higher profits and less waste in the kitchen.

July 2013: America Loves a Good Sandwich

With a “global street food” movement taking hold among restaurants across the country, sandwiches have found a new niche. The portability and convenience these bread-based meals provide also explains their rising popularity.

June 2013: A Glimpse of Pork Summit 2013

From indigenous barbecue and fresh sausage making to pairing whole hog market basket exercise, the 3rd annual Pork Summit was a feast for mind and stomach.

May 2013: Tender, Juicy, Flavorful Pork

Does menu organization matter? Can words increase pork’s appetite appeal? The National Pork Board delves into how operators can craft patron-pleasing menus and be more profitable with pork.

April 2013: A Chop is Not a Chop is Not a Chop

Be more profitable with pork. The USDA has approved changing the names of some of your favorite pork cuts, and operators are using the new language to their advantage.

March 2013: Millennials' Influence on Foodservice

Savvy operators across the country are crafting menus to appeal to Millennials – and pork is taking center stage.

February 2013: Simplicity and Quality

Delicious food starts with quality ingredients and simple preparations

January 2013: Start the New Year with Breakfast

In January's The 400, we show you how to start the New Year with a great breakfast.

December 2012: Spices and Flavor

In December's The 400, we show you how spices can impact pork's flavor.

November 2012: Global Cuisine

In November's The 400, we show you pork's role in global cuisine.

October 2012: Whole Hog Cooking

In October's The 400, we show you how to utilize and cook the whole hog.

September 2012: Pairing Pork & Beverages

In September's The 400, we show you the perfect pairings for pork.

August 2012: Pork As An Ingredient

In August's The 400, we show you pork's versatility as an ingredient.

July 2012: Regional Cuisine

In July's The 400, learn how you can redesign your menu to reflect your regional cuisine.

June 2012: Cooking Low & Slow

In June's 400, we explore the wonderful flavors of cooking pork low and slow.

May 2012: Pork Summit 2012

In May's 400, get an insider's view of this year's third annual Pork Summit.

April 2012: Fire and Smoke

In April's newsletter, see what's getting hot in the kitchen.

March 2012: Sandwiches

In March's 400, read about where sandwiches have been and where pork is taking them now.

February 2012: Chops and Brining

In February's 400, see the innovative ways to use chops and brining for new and creative dishes.

January 2012: Breakfast

In January's 400, indulge in savory breakfast items featuring classic dishes enhanced with pork.

December 2011: Globally Inspired

In December's 400, tour the world from the comfort of your kitchen and focus on globally inspired pork dishes.

November 2011: Value Cuts

In November's 400, learn how to get the most bang for your buck with pork value cuts.

October 2011: Healthy Eating

In October's 400, take a trip on the lighter side and learn about delicious and healthy pork options.

September 2011: Pork As An Ingredient

In September's 400, enhance your menu by discovering all the ways to use pork as an ingredient.

August 2011: Spices & Flavor

In August's 400, spice up your menu with new flavors that pair perfectly with pork.

July 2011: Grab & Go

In July's 400, we grab some delicious pork-to-go options and discuss the growing trend.

June 2011: Regional Cuisine

In June's 400, we tour the country and focus on delicious regional cuisine.

May 2011: Going Green

In May's 400, learn about the pork industry's efforts to go green and reduce our carbon footprint.

April 2011: Barbecue

In April's 400, we talk barbecue and we're talkin' amazing!

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